Friday, 30 April 2010

Day Trippers

Hello, its been a while since my last post , I have been very busy in the studio painting the images of Jack and am still enjoying painting them every day , I have so many ideas for these paintings and just want to paint them all at once but obviously I cant, I am going to take this weekend off , "have a break" , I have ordered a large skip to the house and am going to clean up the garage and garden, Jack is eager to help being only four it is fun to him , as it is to me actually , I think I need to get out more!!.
Washington Green have just published another four of my paintings, they are going very well and some have actually sold out from the Publishers which is brilliant, I am so pleased that people seem to like the work, The painting shown above "Day Trippers" is one of the new Limited Editions and the other two are paintings I have recently completed, the one with the spider is a detail from a recent painting called "D Ya Feel Lucky", I have completed quite a few different spider paintings recently, "I think its out of my system now!!The painting titled "Monkey Business" ( above ) is one of three Monkey Business paintings I have just completed, the next is "More Monkey Business" and then "To Much Monkey Business".
Well I am of to play in the garden with Jack "while the sun is out" !! / Bye for now.