Friday, 26 June 2009

In The Pink

Oil on board 13"x13" I took a photo of these Two guys walking up a back lane in town just of Dean Street ( Newcastle ), I wonder where they work that requires a pink shirt , not that theres anything wrong with a man who wears a pink shirt, I wear a pink shirt now and again, not shocking pink mind you, its kind of washed out pink , OK its white with a hint of red.
I am pleased with the out come of this painting, as I have said before , I like to work fast with very bold brush work , this just went right for me .
I did learn something from this painting but i am not telling you what it was !! not until I know you better.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Take it easy

Back from London, I love London, interesting looking character's from all over the world , all busy, all rushing around doing there thing.
If I stand on a street corner sketching or taking photographs in Hexham or Newcastle people tend to notice but in London no one seems to care.

I have always been a people watcher ( sounds a bit wierd! ) I think most of us are interested in what others are doing, I am intensely interested in watching the expressions, movement, mannerism's and attitudes of everyday people.
Only in the past year have I started to paint people on a "regular basis" and I am really enjoying it, simple observations of normal everyday situations can say so much.
Trying to capture a brief moment in some ones life is to me a little bit of poetry.
Anyway I will stop rambling on, the trip to London was worthwhile, I will soon be exhibiting at a Gallery in the west end of London.
One of the frames on one of the two paintings I took to Enter into the Threadneedle Prize for Art was broken almost in half on the flight as Stupid me forgot to ID them as fragile ! so they ended up with around four tonnes of holiday lugage on top of them .
I did manage to sort of repair it with sellotape but I was gutted after I had dragged them half way across London.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


I am of to London on Monday to enter two paintings in to the Threadneedle Prize for art at the Mall Galleries, while I am there I am showing my work to a Gallery in the Marylebone area of London so wish me luck please !

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Stepping Stones ( Morpeth )

I was in morpeth a few days ago and went to photograph the stepping stones over the river Wansbeck, this little girl just happened to be there at the time, she was running to and fro over the stepping stones looking for minnows.
Note : She did have a fishing net !!