Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Shown here are two out of six NEW Limited Edition prints just released by Washington Green Fine Art Publishers, to see the rest click HERE if you do not wish to see the rest then click HERE for something completely different !

Friday, 24 September 2010


Tomorrow Sat 25th Sept Exhibition and sale of original Jack The Lad paintings @ Castle Galleries in Newcastle upon Tyne , the new autumn range of limited edition prints will also be on display , I will be at the Gallery from 1pm till 4pm .... Hope to see you there . click this link to see the original paintings for sale tomorrow .

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


39"x16" ......  Artists (Painters) are always searching for that one painting, that special something that is always just out of reach, without shouting to loudly I would like to say that this painting is a special painting "for me", thats how I feel about it , I am very very happy with this. I painted two different versions of  it a few months ago and will paint it again , a happy child ! .... click this link and turn it up !!  I LOVE TO BOOGIE

Saturday, 4 September 2010


I am learning to play the Banjo, ohh yes ! me fingers are killing me , its something I always wanted to do, about ten years ago my wife bought me a mandolin for my birthday, thinking "maybe" that this was what I wanted , I did like the Mandolin and did try to play it but I gave up after a while , I am not going to give up this time , BLUEGRASS is the type of music I will be playing , I have already completed a lot of dance type paintings , one thing I have noticed for sure is the way peolple ( including little Jack ) move when listening to different types of music, there are obviously different types of dance but I am talking about the effects on us as we listen, people listening to classical music generally move there heads from side to side,  rock music its up and down, salsa is hips and bluegrass is fingers and feet, I am going to be painting a few more of these pictures .
This weekend I am going down to Birmingham as Washington Green Fine Art will be releasing some more of my paintings as Limited edition prints .