Friday, 24 June 2011


Hi ,  The past few months have flown over, they say the years go by quicker the older you get, well i must be ancient as each day just blends into the next , I will be 50 years old in November (50) , i think i will spell it .... "FIFTY" , no it still hasn't sunk in , my wife Deb says i only look about 35 and i think she is spot on with her estimate, her eyebrows start to twitch when she is not telling the truth so i know that she is being honest as they didn't move at all. Jack is on top form at the moment, yesterday he engraved a picture of him self on to the passenger door of our car using a small piece of metal and proceeded to scratch the rest of it while he was on , i did remain calm and put it down to the fact he is only five and all kids have there moments of madness, i remember being about this age when  "early one morning" i woke before the rest of the family and went down stairs and found that my Dad had left a hammer on the dining room table ! , i soon went to work on my Mams prized collection of Elvis records , the "78"ones , i smashed every one , i then poked a nitting needle into the electric fire and nearly blew my self up , anyway, i forgive Jack, This time !!.  Washington Green have made a short video about me and my work, click HERE if you would like to watch it, from this September through to December i will be touring around the UK exhibiting at various Galleries every weekend , Washington Green fine art publishing are organising this and i will show the dates on this blog when i receive them .  Paintings shown above are "Soccer Star" ( print available) "Paws for thought" (print available) "The kids got talent", "Jack the lad", "Homeward bound" and "I miss you" .