Saturday, 27 February 2010

Lovely Day

Today was the day when I went along to the Gallery "for the first time" to meet people, and talk about the paintings and the inspirations behind them.
Jack and the girls from the paintings, (Lily and Grace), were there, so the three hours flew by, I shook lots of hands and signed lots of brochures, most of my family and friends turned up as well which was brilliant, "thanks" to them.
Jack was asked by a few people to sign his name along with mine and at first he refused, as he did when asked to have his photo taken, after a hour or so there was no stopping him, he had apparently "quietly" asked his mam if it was ok to write on dads pictures thinking (of course) that he would get into trouble for this as he would at home! anyway once he started, that was it, he was sitting signing one after the other and loving the attention, we think we will limit this sort of exposure as we are not to sure how it may affect him, if at all!, we will think about it, after all dad doesn't want his nose pushed out just yet!!.
The Gallery sold all of the "Jack The Lad" paintings on display as did the others, people just loved them, which is what its all about, Cheers to Anthony, Rachael, Beth and Sarah at the Gallery for their hard work. It was a lovely day.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


I went to Castle Galleries in Newcastle this morning to have a look at the paintings now on display in the window and I was realy pleased with the way they have been presented they look just fine ( if I say so myself! ).
There are lots and lots of Galleries including "Castle Galleries" all over the UK having a KP day to launch the "Jack The Lad" paintings,it is next Saturday the 27th, I will be at Castle Galleries in Newcastle from 1 to 4pm so if your in town please call in.
The feed back I have received so far is "bloody marvelous", actually "bloody Marvelous" is a good title for a painting, dont  know if "bloody" is a swear word though, Comments welcome.
You can contact Castle Galleries in your area HERE.
The images shown above are "I have a dream" which has a story to tell!, "Jumpin Jack", "Bzzz" and "Its a man thing".

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


My first weekend at Birmingham was better than I could ever have imagined it to be,I met the staff from Washington Green, lots of people from Castle Galleries and of course the Artists.
All of the faces that I knew only from pictures were suddenly right in front of me, they made me feel very welcome indeed and I met some realy lovely genuine people, the comments I received over the two days were just fantastic and I will be on cloud nine for some time!,the images should be available from all Castle Galleries by the end of this month.
Jack tried to stay awake for me coming home but he fell asleep waiting, its good to be back home and back to the easel today.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Detail from a JACK THE LAD painting

Shown here is a detail from a recent painting, the detail that interests me is when a painting "viewed close up" resembles a ploughed field but from a distance looks very real. I think Artists who paint with a pallet knife such as Victor Bauer have mastered the ART of ploughed Field painting!
This is the weekend that my paintings along with other Artists work will be shown to the Trade by Washington Green Fine Art Publishing, so I am of to Birmingham on Saturday, to say I am looking forward to it is a understatement.
I will be meeting lots and lots of people for the first time who work in the Art trade and some of the people who make the art, cant wait.