Sunday, 9 December 2012


Boing , Boing , Boing  oil on canvas 24 x 18 inches .This painting was completed during the summer time , the idea came from watching the kids competing at Jacks school summer fair. 

Monday, 12 November 2012


This is a painting i did in 2010 , it is of Jack and his little buddy the Bumble Bee , now such good friends he has the Bee on a lead .     Title  : "Would you believe it"  

Sunday, 4 November 2012


I was born ready , please click HERE  to watch the video.. 
Hi , i have been making a few sketching videos recently and uploading them to You Tube , i really enjoy doing them , its been a while since i did the last one , it adds a little pressure when you know you are being watched ! .
Thank you to the people who came along to my recent Exhibitions at Cardiff, Exeter and the Original art shop at Trentham .

Friday, 28 September 2012


Messing about on the river      

Where dreams come true       
My Exhibition dates for the rest of this year this year are as follows : ....... 

Glasgow       Castle Galleries          Sept 29th .... 1-4pm
Newcastle       "             "               Oct 6th .... 1-4pm
Cardiff Bay     "             "               Oct 20th .... 1-4pm   
Exeter             "             "               Oct 21st .... 12-4pm 
Cambridge      "             "               Nov 3rd .... 1-4pm
Nottingham     "             "               Nov 17th .... 1-4pm
Wolverhampton            "               Nov 18th .... 12-3pm
Leeds                           "               Nov 24th .... 1-4p
Chester        Castle Galleries         Dec 1st .... 12-3pm
Leamington  Castle Galleries         Dec 15th .... 12-3pm

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Watching you ,watching me  .....  Oil on canvas 40" x 30"    Sold  
The large painting shown above was completed a few months ago , it was one of a number i did of Jack and Ted along with some of Rubie , Lily or Sadie and Ted  , i have put Ted to bed so to speak "for now anyway" , one thing about Ted is he doesn't  grow any older , i mean in size , obviously he is getting on a little but he isn't getting any bigger so he will always be there to paint "as is" , so i can go back and paint Ted any time i like .
Jack is now seven and has out grown the little "Jack the lad" look , i feel quite sad to have left that little fella behind but at the same time i am very proud to see him growing up into the lovely little boy he is , i have his black engine drivers hat hanging on the wall in the studio and it looks very lonely indeed .
  I still have a massive amount of photos of him from when he was around 4 years old so i will use them as reference material for some time yet , i have recently done about 10 paintings of him age seven , they are of him fishing and generally messing about on the river , most of them are set in the early evening with the sun setting behind him which gives a nice reflection in the water and a silhouette appearance to Jack , ( i will post one on here soon )  i am pleased with them and will be doing a few more. 
  I have 11 exhibitions planned before Christmas starting with Glasgow on the 29th September so will post the details on here soon .

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Boing Boing , Teds in the sack race ! , small original oil  study on canvas 12" x 16" 

Ready Steady Go , small original oil study on canvas 12" x 16"

Scary Monster , original oil on canvas 12"x 24"   

Monday, 3 September 2012


Love Letter , NEW ltd edition available from Castle Galleries 

Im Leaving ,NEW ltd edition available from Castle Galleries 

Double Trouble , NEW ltd edition available from Castle Galleries 

Party Time , NEW ltd edition available from Castle Galleries 

Its the real thing , Original Oil completed April 2012    

Just the two of us , Original Oil completed March 2012   

Float like a Butterfly , Original Oil completed April 2012  

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Down by the river / Original charcoal sketch , large ! 33"x 23" 

Summer Breeze / Original oil  24"x 20" this painting was published as a limited edition print in 2010 , selling on behalf of the owner , please email Keith Proctor to enquire about this Original.  

Good Vibrations / Original oil 24"x 18" 

Monday, 11 June 2012


Ring of bright water - New ltd Edition 
Ring of bright water
This painting depicts a little boy standing ankle deep in a puddle of clear water , he probably still has his shoes on and there are probably no fish in there to catch but that will not deter him, as far as he is concerned its full of fish and he's going to catch them no matter how long it takes !. 
The title of this painting is from the 1969 film Ring of bright water , a little bit dated now but still a wonderful touching story about a man and his pet otter , i went to the pictures to see this film when i was a boy and the images have stuck with me . I think this painting has a connection to the film somehow but will let you figure that one out for your self !

Wishing i was lucky  / oil

Rainy day sunshine  / oil

Imagination / oil

Detail from a oil painting

Little drama queen / sketch

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Decisions decisions  ltd Edition
Especially for you  ltd Edition

The naughty step  ltd Edition

The one that got away
Jumping Jack

My little black book

Alfie Baboon Butt

I am sitting looking at the last months paintings hanging on the studio walls, overall i am pleased with them , when i paint , i start and finish and thats that , i have learned the hard way not to go back to them and mess around, its a bit like your signature, if you signed your name then went back over it to correct it a little , no matter how careful you are "only you" would be able to notice that it wasn't normal.
I have started to paint Alfie, our little Jackhuahua pup in to some of the paintings , he has what i call a "baboons butt" ( see photo ) , his tail sticks up to much, it kind of goes up and towards his head , it is proving difficult as he is normally facing in to the picture !, its a good job he only has a little Chihuahua Butt , i think i will have to drop his tail down now and again. Three of the paintings shown above are newly published Limited Editions available rom your local Castle Galleries. Here are two links to a couple of videos that people unknown to me made recently showing my paintings on Youtube i was well chuffed Video 1 .......  Video 2  ... Note about making comments : In the past when people write a comment ( see below ) it used to show straight away but i just noticed tonight that i have about 20 unread comments waiting for me to ok them , this surprised me as they normally show instantly as i say , anyway some are just people advertising there own businesses so i deleted them and have published the rest , so i would like to thank some of those who kindly left a comment a while back and i never replied ,  Breenster from Whylam hope you enjoy the painting / James Whitehurst Artist / Maggie B from Yorkshire / Rahina Artist / Senna : ) / Stephanie Moule / Diana Marshall Artist / Bonnie Heather / Lowrisian Artist and Sarah from Milton Keynes.