Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Hi , late again with my post, everythings late this month, sometimes things move slowly even though you are putting what seems to be the same amount of effort into everything, I just cant get ahead, its been one big distraction after the other recently, not that i am moaning mind you !! / "hayfever"  (whos idea was that? )   is slowing me down at the moment , trying to paint while your head is exploding aint funny, the "heat" and a wasps nest in the wall right next to my easel and Jack prodding me with his fishing net and a giant weevil invasion thats lasting weeks and weeks , our kitchen is over run with Ants and our loft with mice, we cant close the door of the garage for swallows nesting in there and the dogs got a massive sheep tick on his eyelid, its like the whole house is under constant attack 24 / 7 .
I will keep going , I will not lift my head tomorrow, I will paint on for sure.