Thursday, 8 March 2012


Decisions decisions  ltd Edition
Especially for you  ltd Edition

The naughty step  ltd Edition

The one that got away
Jumping Jack

My little black book

Alfie Baboon Butt

I am sitting looking at the last months paintings hanging on the studio walls, overall i am pleased with them , when i paint , i start and finish and thats that , i have learned the hard way not to go back to them and mess around, its a bit like your signature, if you signed your name then went back over it to correct it a little , no matter how careful you are "only you" would be able to notice that it wasn't normal.
I have started to paint Alfie, our little Jackhuahua pup in to some of the paintings , he has what i call a "baboons butt" ( see photo ) , his tail sticks up to much, it kind of goes up and towards his head , it is proving difficult as he is normally facing in to the picture !, its a good job he only has a little Chihuahua Butt , i think i will have to drop his tail down now and again. Three of the paintings shown above are newly published Limited Editions available rom your local Castle Galleries. Here are two links to a couple of videos that people unknown to me made recently showing my paintings on Youtube i was well chuffed Video 1 .......  Video 2  ... Note about making comments : In the past when people write a comment ( see below ) it used to show straight away but i just noticed tonight that i have about 20 unread comments waiting for me to ok them , this surprised me as they normally show instantly as i say , anyway some are just people advertising there own businesses so i deleted them and have published the rest , so i would like to thank some of those who kindly left a comment a while back and i never replied ,  Breenster from Whylam hope you enjoy the painting / James Whitehurst Artist / Maggie B from Yorkshire / Rahina Artist / Senna : ) / Stephanie Moule / Diana Marshall Artist / Bonnie Heather / Lowrisian Artist and Sarah from Milton Keynes.