Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Its been a while "again", I have recently moved into a new studio its full of natural light and is taking some getting used to, my last studio ( the spare room at home ) had good natural light from the North with ( no direct sun light ) constant unchanging light it was great, i have even more light now, still North facing with natural roof lights as well, its just to good , the colours i use look different, all of a sudden i can really see the work and its a bit spooky , ill get used to it ! . When you think about it , the paintings are going to be viewed in doors with artificial lights so why bother painting them in natural light ? does it really matter ? .... I have recently started to add a little more colour to the paintings , I started using ( Blick ) oil paint from the states a few years ago, "radiant" colours, "wow" are they good, I will only use them now and again as i prefer to paint with a "very" limited  palette but its nice to change now and again. I have also painted a little girl on her own for the first time, as well as "Lily and Grace" who i normally paint, i have painted a picture of a little girl called Jennifer, her parents showed me some photos they had taken of her with her pink hat on and most of the photos i looked at were just  great , lots of attitude and  lots of Girl Power !. Jennifer is five the same age as Jack . I will be exhibiting at ARTISAN GALLERY Royal Exchange London on 24 Feb 5-8pm / ARTISAN GALLERY Kingston Upon Thames London 26 Feb 1-4pm / BREEZE GALLERY Scotland in April details to follow....  Here are some paintings i have completed recently including three new Limited Edition prints Small Talk, Summer Breeze and Told You So + "Living it up" and "Young at Heart"