Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Its me again , been away a while!, hot footing it around the country showin off me pickies and lovin it too , I  met so many really "canny" people  , the most popular question i was asked is "will i continue to paint Jack and use him as my model as he grows up" , I gave people different answers to this question , probably because when I see something that's right for me, i will paint it and there are so many paintings still to do of him as a young child . The answer is yes I will but to what extent i don't know yet, I have a lots of photos of him when he was Three and Four years old so i can use them as reference material in the future as i do now.
I just know that every day i am as enthusiastic to get in the studio to paint these pictures as i was when i did the first one , I have been working on a new studio and move into it after Christmas , I cant wait for that , Thanks to those who came along to the shows for a chat  and to those who purchased Artwork too / Merry Christmas .