Friday, 28 September 2012


Messing about on the river      

Where dreams come true       
My Exhibition dates for the rest of this year this year are as follows : ....... 

Glasgow       Castle Galleries          Sept 29th .... 1-4pm
Newcastle       "             "               Oct 6th .... 1-4pm
Cardiff Bay     "             "               Oct 20th .... 1-4pm   
Exeter             "             "               Oct 21st .... 12-4pm 
Cambridge      "             "               Nov 3rd .... 1-4pm
Nottingham     "             "               Nov 17th .... 1-4pm
Wolverhampton            "               Nov 18th .... 12-3pm
Leeds                           "               Nov 24th .... 1-4p
Chester        Castle Galleries         Dec 1st .... 12-3pm
Leamington  Castle Galleries         Dec 15th .... 12-3pm

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Watching you ,watching me  .....  Oil on canvas 40" x 30"    Sold  
The large painting shown above was completed a few months ago , it was one of a number i did of Jack and Ted along with some of Rubie , Lily or Sadie and Ted  , i have put Ted to bed so to speak "for now anyway" , one thing about Ted is he doesn't  grow any older , i mean in size , obviously he is getting on a little but he isn't getting any bigger so he will always be there to paint "as is" , so i can go back and paint Ted any time i like .
Jack is now seven and has out grown the little "Jack the lad" look , i feel quite sad to have left that little fella behind but at the same time i am very proud to see him growing up into the lovely little boy he is , i have his black engine drivers hat hanging on the wall in the studio and it looks very lonely indeed .
  I still have a massive amount of photos of him from when he was around 4 years old so i will use them as reference material for some time yet , i have recently done about 10 paintings of him age seven , they are of him fishing and generally messing about on the river , most of them are set in the early evening with the sun setting behind him which gives a nice reflection in the water and a silhouette appearance to Jack , ( i will post one on here soon )  i am pleased with them and will be doing a few more. 
  I have 11 exhibitions planned before Christmas starting with Glasgow on the 29th September so will post the details on here soon .

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Boing Boing , Teds in the sack race ! , small original oil  study on canvas 12" x 16" 

Ready Steady Go , small original oil study on canvas 12" x 16"

Scary Monster , original oil on canvas 12"x 24"   

Monday, 3 September 2012


Love Letter , NEW ltd edition available from Castle Galleries 

Im Leaving ,NEW ltd edition available from Castle Galleries 

Double Trouble , NEW ltd edition available from Castle Galleries 

Party Time , NEW ltd edition available from Castle Galleries 

Its the real thing , Original Oil completed April 2012    

Just the two of us , Original Oil completed March 2012   

Float like a Butterfly , Original Oil completed April 2012