Wednesday, 28 December 2011


You cant hurry love

If we go , We go together

"Busy Body"  ( Sadie)
 We have a new puppy , he's a "Jackihuahua" ( Jack Russell Cross Chihuahua ) , there's more Jack Russell in him than Chihuahua i would say as theres a lot of biting and shaking going on , he has no fear, we were concerned about him falling of the settee but he just launches of and lands head first on the wooden floor quite happily, he runs around in circles as fast as he can falling over his own feet at the same time , so funny!, We have called him "Alfie" after my friends Parrot !! . We have spent the last few days playing Scalextrics, pool and Air hockey with Jack , enjoying the break , i hope you are too , Happy New Year .

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Two oil paintings (1) "See ya , wouldn't wanna be ya"  and "What will be will Bee"
Well all the shows are done , the last one was Norwich and was a very busy show to end on, i really enjoyed doing them, the time flew over, thanks to those people who came along to have a natter , i met some lovely people including the superb staff of Castle Galleries,  i took my wife "Deb"and  Jack to some of the shows up North and  Jack wants to do it all over again .
The paintings shown above were painted a while back, normally i paint every day (except Sundays) and i am happy with the work i have been producing but recently i have tried to add a little more interest to the paintings, by that i mean the texture and finish , not the subject, every once in a while this happens to me , the need for change arrives and i make a mess of everything , i sulk and obsess a while, then go back to normal so Deb tells me !.

Anyway i have made a right mess of the floor in the studio, wasted a lot of canvas paint and time, produced six experimental! paintings that are fit for the bin, infact if westill had the chickens i know what i would do with them !! not that i am in to abusing chickens :-) , i shall frisbee them for the Dog instead.
On the subject of Chickens , we used to have quite a few but as we live in rural area Mr "Fox" grew quite fond of them , we ended up with one, "he was a large white cockrell called George, he became vicious and started to attack Jack everytime he went out side to play , he would only go for Jack and no one else ! i think it must have been the fact that Jack was closer to George in size and the bird seen him as competition so we had to get rid of him.

"Andrew" the "Goat" was a different matter , we got him when he was only months old, still cute and cuddly but he grew into a raging monster in no time at all and had a shoot to kill attitide when ever he seen my wife "Deb", he was as heavy as three labradors and had 15 inch "straight" hornes. He loved me and i think he was jealous of Deb, i used to take him for walks in the woods but as soon as i let him off the lead he would charge her at speed , "Very Dangerous" !  and he wouldnt give up, he used to head but the patio doors "actually smashing them"  to get at her in the house,  it was a sight to see ! , we would be sitting in the front room and he would be trying to remove the back kitchen door with his head .
Anyway he almost killed Mick ( our pointer Dog ! ) after head butting him so he had to go too .
Hopefully i will get some work done tomorrow ... bye for now .


Thursday, 3 November 2011


A painting of Sadie : Title : "Twenty Twelve" oil on canvas  .....This Saturday i will be at Castle Galleries in York from 1-4pm and then at Castle Galleries Trafford Centre Manchester on Sunday from 2-5pm Live Painting in the Gallery.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


"Funky Town" Original Oil / Jack goes wild when i play this for him, he loves it

Detail : from a recent painting

"Ey Up" its John & Diane from The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington Yorkshire, and no we were not dancing to Funky Town  !! / This weekend i will be at Castle Galleries Bluewater , call in if you get the chance .

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I was at Newcastle and Glasgow at the weekend, my wife Deb and Jack came along too, we had a fab time at both Galleries , lots of people turned up at both shows and the time just flew by, it was really nice to get a little feed back about my work ,  BIG thanks to the staff of both Galleries who did provide "extra" yummy sweeties for Jack as well as the usual nibbles , at both shows the sweeties disappeared then somehow reappeared at home ! along with a whole box full of Capri Sun orange juice from Billy .

Jennifer came along to the Newcastle show to keep Jack in check ! , she is the little girl portrayed in the painting "Summer Breeze"

Newcastle, the tallest lad and the one with the hat are my Sons Chris and Ash

 Newcastle .....  Jack, Lindsay, Sarah and Mandy

Glasgow .... Billy, Nic, Jack and Sophia

Fellow Artist and blogger Rahina from Glasgow

Monday, 26 September 2011


Hi , I have just returned from The Original Art Shop in Preston where i met some really nice people as i did at Trentham , my trip to Castle Galleries in Chester and at Meadowhall last weekend was also very enjoyable, the response so far to the new prints is overwhelming , people can be so funny, i have had quite a laugh listening to some of the stories about kids in general and met some very interesting characters.
I brought home a little gift for Jack "Kerplunk" it was, but he didnt seem to interested in it and infact he hasnt even opened it up yet, i am hopeing he was just to tired as we all need a Kerplunk fix now and again "dont we" ?? !
I am at Bath and Exeter next weekend and am looking forward to that so pop along if you can , shown above is a recent oil painting entitled "Three Little Friends" which is one of the Originals sold at Chester last week .

Saturday, 10 September 2011


This Original oil entitled "Custard Cream" study(2) will be Auctioned at the popular Lifespan Charity Art Auction which returns to the Biscuit Factory Newcastle upon Tyne for its fifth year, on Thursday 6th October 2011.  Featuring works from many acclaimed artists including Antony Gormley, Jack Vettriano, Allexander Millar, Viz, Beryl Cook and many other artists, both local and national, the evening is set to be fun, with fast and furious bidding under the hammer of Auctioneer, Jim Railton.  Lifespan is a small local charity which brings ease and support to people with serious and life-threatening illness, and to family members and friends who care for them.
Their caring work is carried out by a small, dedicated, permanent and very experienced team who are able to offer continuity and flexibility to meet the patient and their family and carers needs.

Please see for more information.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I have just returned from Birmingham where the new Autumn range of prints entitled "Making Memories" was released , one of the seven new prints is shown below "Theres something about you".  children take in more than we think , I like this picture because it shows the little boys quiet observation of what the little girl is doing as though he is trying to fathom her out, little does he know, he will spend the rest of his life trying to fathom them out and vice versa ! . The second picture shows Jack messing around as i was trying to photograph a recent oil painting, he was Six years old yesterday " Happy Birthday Jack ",  the third is a detail from a original painting of Ruby, there are a few that have been published of Ruby and two more of Lily and Grace due out at the end of October from Washington Green Fine Art Publishers.
I will be exhibiting at various Galleries from the end of this month so pop along and say hello if you can, here are the details of when and where they are.
Chester Castle Galleries Sat 17th Sept 12-3pm
Sheffield Castle Galleries Sun 18th Sept 1-4pm
Trentham Original Art Shop Sat 24th Sept 1-4pm
Preston Original Art Shop Sun 25th Sept 12-3pm
Bath Castle Galleries Sat 1st Oct 12-3pm
Bristol Castle Galleries Sat 2nd Oct 1-4pm .. ?
Newcastle Castle Galleries Sat 8th Oct 1-4pm
Glasgow Castle Galleries Sun 9th Oct 1-4pm
Yorkshire - Pocklington "Acorn Gallery" Sat 15th Oct 12-3pm
Essex "Chelmer Fine Art" Sun 16th Oct 1-4pm
Stratford Castle Galleries Sat 22nd Oct 1-4pm
Milton Keynes Castle Galleries Sun 23rd Oct 12:30-3:30pm
Kent Bluewater Castle Galleries Sat 29th Oct 1-4pm
York Castle Galleries Sat 5th Nov 1-4pm
Manchester Trafford Centre Castle Galleries Sun 6th Nov 2-5pm "Live Painting in Gallery"
Doncaster Limited 2 Art Sat 12th Nov 12-3pm
Wimbledon "Canvas Wimbledon" Sun 13th Nov 1-4pm
Norwich Castle Galleries Sun 20th Nov 12-3pm

Friday, 24 June 2011


Hi ,  The past few months have flown over, they say the years go by quicker the older you get, well i must be ancient as each day just blends into the next , I will be 50 years old in November (50) , i think i will spell it .... "FIFTY" , no it still hasn't sunk in , my wife Deb says i only look about 35 and i think she is spot on with her estimate, her eyebrows start to twitch when she is not telling the truth so i know that she is being honest as they didn't move at all. Jack is on top form at the moment, yesterday he engraved a picture of him self on to the passenger door of our car using a small piece of metal and proceeded to scratch the rest of it while he was on , i did remain calm and put it down to the fact he is only five and all kids have there moments of madness, i remember being about this age when  "early one morning" i woke before the rest of the family and went down stairs and found that my Dad had left a hammer on the dining room table ! , i soon went to work on my Mams prized collection of Elvis records , the "78"ones , i smashed every one , i then poked a nitting needle into the electric fire and nearly blew my self up , anyway, i forgive Jack, This time !!.  Washington Green have made a short video about me and my work, click HERE if you would like to watch it, from this September through to December i will be touring around the UK exhibiting at various Galleries every weekend , Washington Green fine art publishing are organising this and i will show the dates on this blog when i receive them .  Paintings shown above are "Soccer Star" ( print available) "Paws for thought" (print available) "The kids got talent", "Jack the lad", "Homeward bound" and "I miss you" .

Monday, 28 March 2011


Hi .. I'm still at it ! .. I am quite happy in my new Studio and Gallery now the dust is starting to settle, i thought it was a nice large space that would take some filling but "you guessed it" i need more space all ready, the thing with gallery space is the walls are full and floor area is empty which is ideal for Jack to play with his toy cars as he soon discovered . This coming Saturday i will be appearing and exhibiting at BREEZE GALLERY, Peebles in Scotland from 2-5pm and i am really looking forward to that. Not to far from home ! so no trains for me !! Please Note :The Glasgow Exhibition has now been moved to this Autumn !!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Its been a while "again", I have recently moved into a new studio its full of natural light and is taking some getting used to, my last studio ( the spare room at home ) had good natural light from the North with ( no direct sun light ) constant unchanging light it was great, i have even more light now, still North facing with natural roof lights as well, its just to good , the colours i use look different, all of a sudden i can really see the work and its a bit spooky , ill get used to it ! . When you think about it , the paintings are going to be viewed in doors with artificial lights so why bother painting them in natural light ? does it really matter ? .... I have recently started to add a little more colour to the paintings , I started using ( Blick ) oil paint from the states a few years ago, "radiant" colours, "wow" are they good, I will only use them now and again as i prefer to paint with a "very" limited  palette but its nice to change now and again. I have also painted a little girl on her own for the first time, as well as "Lily and Grace" who i normally paint, i have painted a picture of a little girl called Jennifer, her parents showed me some photos they had taken of her with her pink hat on and most of the photos i looked at were just  great , lots of attitude and  lots of Girl Power !. Jennifer is five the same age as Jack . I will be exhibiting at ARTISAN GALLERY Royal Exchange London on 24 Feb 5-8pm / ARTISAN GALLERY Kingston Upon Thames London 26 Feb 1-4pm / BREEZE GALLERY Scotland in April details to follow....  Here are some paintings i have completed recently including three new Limited Edition prints Small Talk, Summer Breeze and Told You So + "Living it up" and "Young at Heart"