Monday, 26 September 2011


Hi , I have just returned from The Original Art Shop in Preston where i met some really nice people as i did at Trentham , my trip to Castle Galleries in Chester and at Meadowhall last weekend was also very enjoyable, the response so far to the new prints is overwhelming , people can be so funny, i have had quite a laugh listening to some of the stories about kids in general and met some very interesting characters.
I brought home a little gift for Jack "Kerplunk" it was, but he didnt seem to interested in it and infact he hasnt even opened it up yet, i am hopeing he was just to tired as we all need a Kerplunk fix now and again "dont we" ?? !
I am at Bath and Exeter next weekend and am looking forward to that so pop along if you can , shown above is a recent oil painting entitled "Three Little Friends" which is one of the Originals sold at Chester last week .

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Senna said...

I didnnt found the size of your oil pictures. I would be glad to know the dimensions of the art.
The pictures itself are through the colors also beautiful melancholy.
Regards Senna