Tuesday, 21 September 2010


39"x16" ......  Artists (Painters) are always searching for that one painting, that special something that is always just out of reach, without shouting to loudly I would like to say that this painting is a special painting "for me", thats how I feel about it , I am very very happy with this. I painted two different versions of  it a few months ago and will paint it again , a happy child ! .... click this link and turn it up !!  I LOVE TO BOOGIE


rahina q.h. said...

what a delightful painting and happy post, made my morning:) thanks!

KEITH PROCTOR Painting blog said...

Thanks a lot Rahina

KEITH PROCTOR Painting blog said...

Hester larkin associates !
Couldnt publish your comment for some reason, to answer your question about the new range of KP limited editions , the new collection of six images will be available in galleries at the begining of next month. Cheers Keith

Vakadi said...

Very nice artwork!
I so enjoy watching you works!

Victor Bauer said...

beautiful.... beautiful painting Keith. I love it.

KEITH PROCTOR Painting blog said...

Cheers Victor / K

Nicki said...

Hi Keith,

I love the gesture of little Jack's arms in this painting. It expresses a pure joy, a joy that can only come from boogie-ing!

Well done and I enjoyed the clip.