Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Take it easy

Back from London, I love London, interesting looking character's from all over the world , all busy, all rushing around doing there thing.
If I stand on a street corner sketching or taking photographs in Hexham or Newcastle people tend to notice but in London no one seems to care.

I have always been a people watcher ( sounds a bit wierd! ) I think most of us are interested in what others are doing, I am intensely interested in watching the expressions, movement, mannerism's and attitudes of everyday people.
Only in the past year have I started to paint people on a "regular basis" and I am really enjoying it, simple observations of normal everyday situations can say so much.
Trying to capture a brief moment in some ones life is to me a little bit of poetry.
Anyway I will stop rambling on, the trip to London was worthwhile, I will soon be exhibiting at a Gallery in the west end of London.
One of the frames on one of the two paintings I took to Enter into the Threadneedle Prize for Art was broken almost in half on the flight as Stupid me forgot to ID them as fragile ! so they ended up with around four tonnes of holiday lugage on top of them .
I did manage to sort of repair it with sellotape but I was gutted after I had dragged them half way across London.

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rahina qh said...

Good to hear you had an observant time in London and sorry to hear about your painting, I've done something similar and I was my own baggage handler! Lovely work as always Keith. r.