Friday, 15 May 2009


Another painting of High Bridge , a small road in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne that connects the Big Market to Grey Street.
I had originaly worked on a few sketches and one painting while actualy in the street but found it difficult to paint the figures from life, small figures are no problem but if the figure dominates the painting I must work in the studio.
I have been sitting out side in Corbridge Market Square and at Tesco sketching people quickly as they wander in and out to get some practice in, unbelievably I once got moved on as people didnt like me looking at them and someone complained, I must say that made my blood boil.
This painting is on display at Off The Wall Gallery, Corbridge Northumberland.
There is a a large version of this painting also it is 24"x12"


Victor Bauer said...

Love the composition... Another great piece!

KEITH PROCTOR Daily painting blog said...